Global PowerPlatform Bootcamp

Global PowerPlatform Bootcamp – As the name suggest was organised globally on 44 cities around the world. We hosted in our Microsoft #PhiladelphiaMTC office on 15th Feb. 12 Speakers sharing their knowledge with full pack rooms of attendees learning #powerplatforms.

Thank You for all to make it successful.

Special Thanks to Michael Mukalian, James Stento , Mahesh Chand & whom I love to trouble Jason Rivera for supporting throughout. PS I am goinf to trouble you guys more.

Thanks to all our speakers who made these sessions full of learning for all of us.

James Stento Mahesh Chand Neall Alcott Ramesh Gaddam Michael Mukalian Sarah Patrick Jaime Pérez Mythili Ranganathan Anusuya Goud Abhijeet Jadhav (PMP®) David Patrick Nick Hance

None the less a big Thank You to Kunal Tripathy to push me to make it happen.

Thank You to sponsors Microsoft Graphite GTC Mindcracker The Tech Platform KingswaySoft Anexinet #globalpowerplatformbootcamp

Thank You Everyone !!


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