Honored again as “Microsoft® MVP”

I have two things a good news and in another need your views.
I am honored again as “Microsoft® MVP” with Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional Award. Thank You CSharpCorner & Praveen Kumar along with all the awesome #csharpcorner editors behind the scenes.
Thank You very much Juan Carlos Ruiz Pacheco & #mvpbuzz

I have build a personal assistant for you, your kids and you home using artificial intelligence for your daily activities and would love to have a suggestion of name from you.
Post your comments with what would you like to call your personal assistant.

#mvp #mvpbuzz #office365#technology #csharpcorner Microsoft en ArgentinaMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual StudioMicrosoft DeveloperMicrosoft De Argentina S.A. #mvpbuzz The Official Microsoft MVP CommunityC# Corner Chennai MVP Group




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