I am a Microsoft MVP

I am pleased to convey you all that under your guidance and support, I have received Microsoft® MVP Most Valuable Professional Award. Thank You for sharing your experience & knowledge with me and always backing me up.
C# Corner, under this family I have learnt not only various technologies under one roof but also I was able to be together with all other developers around the world sharing their expertise knowledge. Thank You very much for being a platform to achieve more not as an individual but as a techie family.
I want to convey my big Thank you to Vijai Anand whose motivation and support pushed me to achieve this award. Thank You Vijai!
I convey a warm regards to the editors of C# Corner who are the ones giving shapes and face to our articles and blogs before publishing to the world. Thank You very much.
Praveen Moosad, Dinesh Beniwal and the most loved & respected Mahesh Chand, Thanks a lot for always supporting developers like us and promoting them to achieve more in this vast world of technology. I am far from you but have always felt you close through our community. Thank You very much.

Last but not the least, I would like to thank Microsoft MVP Program for recognizing me as an MVP. Thank You very much for the honors.

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